Our Mission / Charity Constitution

What We Fund

New Team Grants
Up to £1500

New team grants will provide a financial boost to support the establishment of new football participation opportunities at Kent FA affiliated clubs. A new team will be awarded a £500 grant. A club can apply for funding for a maximum of three new teams in a 24-month period. APPLY NOW ►

Strategic Grants
Between £2000 and £5000

Strategic football grants provide funding for projects that will have a positive impact on increasing football participation levels. It can include the following areas: Clubhouse refurbishment; Pitch works or ground maintenance and football development projects APPLY NOW ►

Targeted Grants
Specific Objectives

The Targeted Grant is currently paused and will reopen soon. APPLY NOW ►

Injured Player Fund

To grant assistance to players and others directly connected with affiliated bodies or within jurisdiction of the Association who may be injured whilst playing football or who may be incapacitated through illness and who really need such assistance. APPLY NOW ►

The Kent FA Charitable Foundation is registered with the Charity Commission, Registration No. 1174782

Charity Objects

For the public benefit generally but with particular reference to the inhabitants of Kent and South East London:

3.1 To promote, develop and support community participation in healthy recreation by providing or assisting in the provision of facilities for playing football and other sports (“facilities” means land, buildings, equipment and organising sporting activities);

3.2 To advance amateur sport by promoting the amateur playing of the game and such other sports or games which promote health by involving physical or mental skill or exertion and which are undertaken on an amateur basis;

3.3 To help and educate children and young people by providing facilities for the playing of the game and other sports as to develop their physical, mental and social capacities that they may grow to full maturity as individuals and members of the community; and

3.4 To promote all purposes recognised as charitable under the laws of England and Wales from time to time in particular through an association with football.


Barry Bright (Chair)

Sophie Ward

Darryl Haden

Paul Dolan

Arnie Van Orsouw

Lee Dyson

To download the Kent FA Charitable Foundation Constitution document click here

The Kent County Football Association Benevolent Fund is registered with the Charity Commission, Registration No,  273118

The objects of the Charity (“the Objects”) are:

(a) To assist necessitous persons who are either, at the discretion of the Trustee, players and others directly connected with affiliated bodies or within the jurisdiction of the Association who may be injured whilst playing football, or who may become incapacitated through illness definitely attributable to participation in the game

(b) to assist other necessitous persons who have, in the opinion of the Trustee, rendered service to the game of football in the county of Kent, or to such persons’ dependants

(c) to make grants to charitable and benevolent institutions with objects in alignment with the aims and purposes of the Charity if, in the Trustee’s opinion, circumstances, including the state of the Charity, should warrant


Denise Richmond

Lee Dyson

Darryl Haden

To download the KCFA Benevolent Fund Declaration of Trust click here