What We Fund

Community Grants
Under £2000

Community football grants provide small amounts of funding to help volunteers along the way in their quest to simply provide football opportunities and retain participation levels. Community grants will be prioritised where they can demonstrate that the funding will ultimately support the creation of new teams or sustaining existing teams. Please note Community Grants will not fund playing kit purchases. APPLY NOW ►

Strategic Grants
Between £2000 and £5000

Strategic football grants provide funding for projects that will have a positive impact on increasing football participation levels. It can include the following areas: Clubhouse refurbishment; Pitch works or ground maintenance and Football development projects APPLY NOW ►

Targeted Grants
Specific Objectives

During each year there will be windows for targeted football grant applications to meet the strategic aims of the Kent FA. The Targeted Grant is paused during Covid-19 and will reopen soon. APPLY NOW ►

Injured Player Fund

To grant assistance to players and others directly connected with affiliated bodies or within jurisdiction of the Association who may be injured whilst playing football or who may be incapacitated through illness and who really need such assistance. APPLY NOW ►

1. Who can apply for a grant?

The grant is open to formally constituted organisations (e.g. Kent FA affiliated clubs, local authorities, parish councils), clubs or teams looking to affiliate to Kent FA, recreational teams playing in Kent, charitable organisations delivering in Kent and Kent FA sanctioned leagues.

2. What can the award be used for?

The grant can be used for activity that supports at least one of the following outcomes:
a) Will the grant improve football facilities in Kent?
b) Will the grant increase affiliated football teams in Kent?
c) Will the grant tackle inactivity and get people playing football in Kent?
d) Will the grant widen football participation in Kent from under-represented groups?

Please note Community Grants will not be awarded for the purchases of playing kit.

3. Are there any restrictions around the grant?

The application forms provide the relevant submission details. Please note that you will need a minimum of a 5 year lease for any facility projects.

5. What happens if we don’t get a grant?

Any grant that doesn’t make it through the screening process will be notified in writing.

6. Our organisation doesn’t have audited accounts what can we do to apply?

If your club does not have an audited set of accounts, we would request a 3 year projection of how your accounts will look.

7. When should I hear the outcome of my application?

Community and Strategic Grants will have the following deadlines;

• Application deadline – last working day of February
– Screen applications 1st week of March
– Pay grants out by end of March, providing all information received.

• Application deadline – last working day of May
– Screen applications 1st week of June
– Pay grants out by end of June, providing all information received.

• Application deadline – last working day of August
– Screen applications 1st week of September
– Pay grants out by end of September, providing all information received.

• Application deadline – last working day of November
– Screen applications 1st week of December
– Pay grants out by end of December, providing all information received.

Targeted grants will be advertised as and when but will normally consist of a grant window.

8. I’ve improved on a previously rejected grant application; can I submit it again?

Yes you can come back with a stronger application and this can be submitted in the next funding cycle.

9. How many grants can I apply for?

You can only apply for one community or strategic grant in any two year period. Targeted grants can be applied for annually. Applying for a community or strategic grant does not preclude you from applying for targeted grants.

10. What happens when I am awarded a grant?

You will be sent an offer letter which contains the terms and conditions of the grant. Once this is signed and received then the payment of the grant will be made. We will also arrange a time to present the grant to you for publicity purposes.

11. You haven’t answered my question, how can I ask it?

We’re sorry! Please send your question to [email protected] and we’ll get back to you with an answer as soon as we can.