What We Fund

New Team Grants
Up to £1500

New team grants will provide a financial boost to support the establishment of new football participation opportunities at Kent FA affiliated clubs. A new team will be awarded a £500 grant. A club can apply for funding for a maximum of three new teams in a 24-month period. APPLY NOW ►

Strategic Grants
Between £2000 and £5000

Strategic football grants provide funding for projects that will have a positive impact on increasing football participation levels. It can include the following areas: Clubhouse refurbishment; Pitch works or ground maintenance and football development projects APPLY NOW ►

Targeted Grants
Specific Objectives

The Targeted Grant is currently paused and will reopen soon. APPLY NOW ►

Injured Player Fund

To grant assistance to players and others directly connected with affiliated bodies or within jurisdiction of the Association who may be injured whilst playing football or who may be incapacitated through illness and who really need such assistance. APPLY NOW ►

The Kent FA Charitable Foundation supports football projects across Kent and South East London. Since the inception in 2017 the Charity has supported around 60 separate projects investing in excess of £75,000 into facilities, football initiatives and equipment together with helping to create 13 new women’s football teams and 25 Futsal teams.

In addition the Foundation provided some £27,000 to support the 2020-21 “return to football”, in association with the Kent FA.

The Foundation is grateful to the Kent FA, The Football Association, Kent County Football League and supporters at all Kent FA County Finals for their donations.

If you would like to contribute to the Foundation funds you can donate via our JustGiving page by clicking here

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